Group Exercise Classes in East Milton, MA

Group Fitness Classes

Classes, classes and more classes! Fitness Unlimited features the most extensive group fitness schedule on the South Shore. At Fitness Unlimited, we offer over 80 classes a week in three beautiful studios. All classes on the group fitness schedule are free with a valid membership. There are no hidden costs. We have classes that strengthen your heart, improve your muscle tone, increase endurance, improve balance and posture and reduce stress. And remember, working out with a group is not only great motivation - but lots of fun too!

Here are just some of the classes we offer:
Step, Boxing, Zumba, Vinyasa Yoga, Cycle, Strength, HIIT Interval, Tabata, Pilates Mat classes and much, much more!

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Monday, January 26th update

We are closing at 7pm, we have cancelled the Pilates class at 6:15pm and the two cycle classes at 6pm and 6:30pm. We will hold the 4:45pm and the 6pm classes in Studio 3. 

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