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Upon joining the club many members have questions about how to get started on their fitness program. Our certified personal training staff would be glad to assist you in this area.

Your enrollment fee includes a required one hour private session with a personal trainer. During this session called 'The Fitness Consultation", you and your trainer will develop a plan for your fitness success. You will leave this hour long appointment feeling great and incredibly motivated.

Please call the club for more details 617-698-0260.

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For Fee Services:

Personal Training:

If you are not reaching your fitness goals or if you need motivation, try one-on-one instruction with a certified trainer. Your personal trainer will help guide you through more efficient and effective workouts. For more details regarding packages and programs please click Personal Training in the menu on the left.

Pilates Reformer Studio

The pilates method is a mindful exercise system that involves concentration on the breath and body awareness. This highly effective, no-impact system will help prevent injury as you develop core strength, lengthen and tone your muscles, and gain more freedom of movement. For more information click Pilates in the menu on the left.

Nutrition Services:

Work closely with a registered dietitian to assess your current diet and help you acquire healthy lifestyle changes. Different packages available to suit your individual needs. For more information, click on Weight Loss Program in the menu on the left. Or call the club to schedule a free consultation with a dietitian. 617-698-0260 x36.

Body Composition Testing:

A certified trainer will conduct a bio-impedance analysis to assess your body composition, and consult with you to discover how to increase or decrease your body fat.

Special Note:

A well-balanced fitness program consists of the following components: cardiovascular training, weight training, flexibility and nutrition. Remember, when starting an exercise program, get your doctor's approval and establish a set of goals that are both realistic and achievable.

The above services are available for a fee.







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